[GN] 가장 인상 깊었던 최근 논문은 무엇인가요?

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  • "Overview of SHARD: A System for Highly Available Replicated Data" 1988
    • 데이터베이스 샤딩을 소개한 첫 논문으로 수많은 논문에서 인용되었지만, "존재하지 않음"
  • "Integral Neural Networks"
  • "Blue Is the New Black (Market): Privacy Leaks and Re-Victimization from Police-Auctioned Cellphones"
  • "Latency Lags Bandwidth"
  • "Liquid solution centrifugation for safe, scalable, and efficient isotope separation"
  • "Co-cultivation enhanced microbial protein production based on autotrophic nitrogen-fixing hydrogen-oxidizing bacteria"
  • "Enso: A Streaming Interface for NIC-Application Communication"
  • "Search-Based Regular Expression Inference on a GPU"
  • "Mastering Chess and Shogi by Self-Play with a General Reinforcement Learning Algorithm"
  • "FP2: Fully in-Place Functional Programming"
  • "Enabling tabular deep learning when d ≫ n with an auxiliary knowledge graph"
  • "A Holistic Approach to Undesired Content Detection in the Real World"


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